Frequently asked questions 


Please see below our F.A.Q’s If none of these answers your questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will endeavour to answer any questions or queries you may have.



Does it cost anything to join the books?

The answer we are pleased to say is ‘No’ when we take on a new client it is our aim and job to get them into work. It is the client’s commission we take as payment to the hard work we put in for submitting and fighting for the best possible contract. For freelance performers there are additional costs in order for us to maximise the opportunity for us to submit to casting directors these include a subscription to the Spotlight directory. An expectation of the up keep of photos, show reels and classes. 


How long is the contract?

The contract you would sign is an open ended contract meaning that if both parties are happy, the contract would continue as long as it is benefiting everyone. If in the unlikely event termination is requested from either the management or the artiste, written notice is required in advance stipulating the reasons. 


What if there is a Job I do not want to do?

Before joining the agency we would have a long discussion to what things you would like to do and if there are any areas you would not. For example – If you cannot sing or do not want to then of course we would not put you up for a role as a singer or a contract that requires you to be. In our professional experience it is best to be as adaptive as possible and offer as many skills as you can, by doing this we can put your name forward for more auditions and have the knowledge you have a lot to offer the industry.


Will the auditions I get sent for always be for paid roles?

Usually yes the majority of breakdowns are for paid roles, some roles could even pay very well depending on how long the contract is for and what it entails.

There would be times when the agency see a breakdown for a casting where it is ‘Profit Share’ or expenses only. If you are starting out, sometimes you may need to consider taking on one of these which would then be good for experience and a credit on your CV. This can also lead to paid roles if the projects like you. A liked / remembered client is something you would want to be. In the event a non paid position is agreed upon, the agency would not take any commission for this.

How often would I hear from the agency? how many auditions will I get a month?

This really comes down to what castings are advertised and available. There will be quiet periods. The office is looking through potential auditions on a daily basis but we cannot guarantee anyone a set amount of auditions. When something comes up, then we would be in touch with the details as soon as we can.  It is good practice to keep checking in with us every few weeks, we love to hear what our clients are up to, if they have taken up a new hobby or been on an interesting course etc.